Are you afraid of the dentist?
Relaxation dentistry may be the answer for you!

Relaxation Dentistry has been designed to serve a huge segment of the population who is in desperate need of dental care, but is too afraid to seek it. These patients have avoided dentistry for years because of an intense, realistic, palm-sweating, sick–to-the-stomach, eye-popping, and sleep depriving fear of the dentist.
Dr. Lowe-Richens understands that people are often afraid to tell anyone about their fear, so they feel isolated. She lets them understand that their fear is okay and using compassion and verbal skills she conveys to the patient that she takes their fear seriously, that they are not being silly, and that she does care about their emotional needs as well as their dental needs.

Dr. Lowe-Richens is a member of the fastest growing organization of its kind in dentistry, The Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS). The purpose of DOCS is to provide needed care to a large population of people who are avoiding the dentist and to improve their lives with better dental health. DOCS trains dentists and standardize the protocols used for alleviating patients’ anxiety through relaxation dentistry.

Dr. Lowe-Richens also maintains advanced training that allows her to continue treating even more people while they are safely sedated. The training ‘Advanced Cardiac Life Support’ is sponsored by DOCS and is the same training received by doctors, nurses and paramedics. Dr. Lowe-Richens is now ACLS certified. A very prestigious level of medical care.

“I am proud to offer relaxation dentistry so that more people can now have their dental care accomplished while they are totally relaxed and absolutely comfortable. Dentistry is very high tech today with all sorts of gadgets that get the job done better and quicker, but now with sedation dentistry I can bridge the gap between technology and comfort”
says Dr. Lowe-Richens.

ANXIOLYSIS - anxiety-free, sometimes referred to as sedation dentistry

Our goal with anxiolysis is not to put the patient to sleep. Our
goal is to create the most relaxed and comfortable appointment possible, while the patient remains awake and conscious. However, many sedated patients feel like they slept through the entire appointment since they have little or no memory of the appointment. Dr. Lowe-Richens creates a relaxed comfortable environment where a patient will experience little or no anxiety with little or no memory of the appointment.

Relaxation dentistry helps anxious patients drift comfortably through their entire procedure!

We call this “Relaxation Dentistry.”
You’ll call it “life-changing dentistry.”

Schedule your consultation with us today!

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